So I finally decided to take a vacation! I’m heading off to Europe to see my girl tomorrow all I’m hoping for as of this moment is for Air Canada not to mess up my tickets and/or suitcases as they are known to. Unfortunately these were the cheapest tickets I could find.

It should be a cool trip regardless. I’m starting in Ireland then England, then back to Ireland then off to Belgium, Holland and France. I seriously can’t wait. In holland I’ll be attending Sensation White in Amsterdam which should be a kick ass party although I’m not too happy with the dj lineup, but we’ll see..

I’ll post some pics when I get a chance

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New design

Things haven’t changed much since the last time I updated this little spot on the internet. Summer is here and I thought this place needed a new look, so I decided to take the knowledge I’ve gained these past few months and test it out on a real life project of my own. So here it is, a standard compliant, all css page. I went for a more stylish light blogging type of look inspired by a combination of sites I’ve seen lately.

Some of the new features I’ve added besides the new look are better navigation, download management of my various project files as well as a pretty straight forward photo gallery that I’ll be using to put up any interesting photos i come across. Another interesting addition to the homepage is the blog entries are now read from an atom compliant xml file instead of the old text file way, the only extra feature I wish it had is spell checker and grammar correction, because as you can see I am really sad at both when I write something quick. Even though it is a lot cleaner, I’ll try to move it to the db and instead generate an atom/rss feed as it is meant to be used.

One thing that I learned when developing this new look and applying the new tableless approach is the importance of web standards and how much it can be achieved if browsers implement it properly. I also learned how much more I hate MS IE and how it breaks and implements standards poorly. To view this site at its best I recommend a standards compliant browser like Mozilla or Firefox.

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