Vacation is over :(

I’m back in Canada and working. In a way I’m glad I’m back because I’m completely broke, and in another way I’m depressed because my trip is over =(.

I’ve put up some photos of the Europe trip, including a little map with a rough idea of my trajectory through the 6 countries I visited.

Ireland England Belgium Netherlands France Spain

I’ve made some changes to the photo gallery to support albums. I’ve also upgraded the navigation and display of images. You need to make sure you use the latest version of a w3c compliant browser. I’ve tested these pages using Firefox 0.9, Opera 7.53. IE 6.0 renders well for the most part. Note that in some versions of Firefox earlier than 0.9, the css I use on the gallery was breaking the loading of the larger sized images, this seems to be fixed in the current version of Firefox.

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