SpeakEasy Firefox

SpeakEasy is embracing Firefox by recommending their customers to use it. They have released an extension for their customers which basically adds a SpeakEasy homepage icon and a menu with interesting links. Nothing that hasn’t been done before but a very interesting move from this ISP. Hopefully their enlightened customers will spread the word to their families and friends.

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speak easy firefox

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WordPress Integration

I’ve been wanting to beef up the blog section of this site with a proper administration area for publishing entries, allow for comments, backtrack urls, rss/atom feeds, etc. I finally got around doing it by integrating an already existing package. The challange was to integrate the blog package with my existing code with minimum modifications to the package so that upgrades can be done without major problems later on. I played around with Movable Type but it didn’t quite allowed me to do what I wanted. After a bit of research, I noticed several bloggers are moving away from Movable Type to WordPress. WordPress is an open source, php based, MySQL back-end blogging system which is freely distributed under the GPL. The administrative tools are great with the exception of a few quirks like not being able to edit existing users and lack of page navigation on the posts listing. I was able to integrate WordPress’ front-end with almost no modification to the code itself other than some css and adding one or two php lines. The WordPress code itself is bit messy and not very well organized but it does the job for now.

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