lget 0.2

You can now upgrade lget to work with 1.5 by clicking install link below.

During the next few days I will try to put back the firefox section of this site. I will also be updating the addons.mozilla.org download as soon as possible.

For those interested, just changing the install.rdf to 1.5 will not work (else I would have released it sooner ;)). It seems like with the 1.5 upgrade, some of the chrome structure changed and some of the functionality needed by lget to emulate the “Save as” was no longer there. Hopefully there are no major issues. I’ve tested it under on WinXP/sp2 and works *as expected*.

Once again, apologies for the delay in this release and thank you for the feedback!

install 0.2

[Feb 20, 2006 Update]: If any one would like to help with localization of the official release, please contact me directly (loconet at gmail dot com).

The following localizations are on their way to be added for the next release:

  • fr-FR
  • de-DE
  • es-ES
  • cs-CZ

13 thoughts on “lget 0.2

  1. Thank you! I have been missing this so much!

    I’ve got a download manager, but this is so much more convenient.


  2. Hey Thomas,

    You are completly right. I should release locales. I noticed there are a number of localized releases out there. I think it’s worth investing some time on it. contact me directly if you are interested in helping out.

  3. Thank you sooo very much! My favoritest extension is back!^_^ Now if only the other extension and theme writers could upgrade their extensions as well. But considering how long it is taking for new releases on some of them, I imagine the new layout for extensions is rather complex. But if someone else could “help” with upgrading them, that would be awesome too^^ At any rate, thank you. I love this extension!^^

  4. Without Iget my Firefox was not complete, every time I started a download something was missing. Great work. Thanks very much.

  5. Yay! Been waiting for the update since I upgraded Firefox!

    Any direct link to the .xpi? Would like to save it locally for when I reinstall.

  6. Hi, I do love lget, but since I updated firefox (in XP) to (from 1.0.7) and lget to 0.2 I got this problem. In firefox I have selected to download all files to same location, but sof some reason lget still asks for the download location of all files. So, now I’m back to 1.0.7 and lget 0.1 and everything is ok. Is that the feature or is it just me that is the problem ;)

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