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lget 0.3

Posted in General on September 28th, 2006 by loconet – 10 Comments

I’ve released lget 0.3. You can get it from This version is verified to work with Firefox 2.0 RC-1.

Back in school!

Posted in General on September 15th, 2006 by loconet – Be the first to comment

After almost four years of graduating from Seneca College, I am now back in school. This time I am enrolled in Ryerson University working towards a B.Sc in Computer Science. Due to my academic and professional history, I managed to get a little more than a year’s worth of credits. Therefore if everything goes well (ie: I don’t fail), I should be able to wrap up the degree in three years. As expected, I won’t be taking any subjects directly related to programming or technology for the next few semesters as I have been granted credits for almost all required programming courses, however, I am having fun in all the non-programming courses such as: Physics, Calculus, Discrete Mathematics, Management, and French. I have the feeling my coffee drinking days will be coming back soon. I am still working as a contractor at Commercial Design, although in a more isolated and less time consuming role. All in all I’m very happy to be back at school working towards this goal I’ve wanted to achieve for a while now.

Bye bye eXTReMe Tracking …

Posted in General on September 15th, 2006 by loconet – Be the first to comment

After many years of using eXTReMe tracking as a quick, and convenient way of tracking visitors, I have decided to stop using it. The main reason for my decision is the suspension of my account (without prior notification) for the simple fact of not having the link on their button. While I understand their interest in having a link and realize that it is part of their TOS, I no longer see the point in using them given that there are various others equal or better free alternatives one can use without the need for silly restrictions such as this. Bye bye eXTReMe Tracking, it’s been good but no thanks.