lget 1.0 for Firefox 3.5

You should be able to upgrade to lget for Firefox 3.5 from the Mozilla’s official addon’s website: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/435

Changes in this release:

  • Use of new SQLite storage API for history
  • Compatible with Firefox 3.5
  • New download window now closes itself after a new download is initiated
  • Some code cleanup
  • Several minor bug fixes

UPDATE: For those looking for the Firefox 3.6 update, please see this comment.

  1. Lindoro Almaviva says:

    I guess i don’t get it. I download it but I see no icon, no instructions, nothing.

  2. loconet says:

    Hi Lindoro, Please see:

    As you can see from the screenshot, the extension is meant to be as inconspicuous as possible. It adds a “New Download” button to the firefox download manager as well as new option in the File menu.

    Hope that helped.

  3. iNsuRRecTiON says:

    Hi there,

    too bad, you made it version 3.5 only..

    So I guess users of version 3.0.15 have to use the old version instead..



  4. iNsuRRecTiON says:

    Hi loconet,

    you leave the Firefox users of version 3.0.x e.g. b15 out and inlude only version 3.5 with lget 1.0..

    You leave Firefox users of version 3.6.x e.g. beta3 out, too. -.-



  5. kuddl says:

    Hi there,
    can u release a version for FF 3.6??

  6. Mike says:

    I’m bummed no one has requested an update for Firefox 3.6 yet. So let me be the first :) Your addon is invaluable for very unique situations I occasionally find myself in (such as needing to directly download a file instead of Firefox previewing it). I would be bummed if I lost this useful little tweak. Thanks for sharing it.

  7. loconet says:

    Hey guys, first, my apologies about the delay. I have been busy with other projects.

    The good news is that tonight I finally got around updating lget and if it gets approved, we should soon see the 3.6 compatible version in Mozilla’s add-ons website. I could post a link to the xpi that works right now but sometimes I get very useful information from Mozilla’s official reviews so I want to make sure a clean version is being used.

    I will post an announcement when it’s ready. Check back here or keep an eye-on for the addon update alert.


  8. Mike says:

    Thanks for 3.6 the update!

  9. iNsuRRecTiON says:

    Hi there,

    LGet 1.01 for Fx 3.6 final is available on AMO (addon.mozilla.org).



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