lget 1.0 for Firefox 3.5

You should be able to upgrade to lget for Firefox 3.5 from the Mozilla’s official addon’s website: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/435

Changes in this release:

  • Use of new SQLite storage API for history
  • Compatible with Firefox 3.5
  • New download window now closes itself after a new download is initiated
  • Some code cleanup
  • Several minor bug fixes

UPDATE: For those looking for the Firefox 3.6 update, please see this comment.

9 thoughts on “lget 1.0 for Firefox 3.5

  1. Hi there,

    too bad, you made it version 3.5 only..

    So I guess users of version 3.0.15 have to use the old version instead..



  2. Hi loconet,

    you leave the Firefox users of version 3.0.x e.g. b15 out and inlude only version 3.5 with lget 1.0..

    You leave Firefox users of version 3.6.x e.g. beta3 out, too. -.-



  3. I’m bummed no one has requested an update for Firefox 3.6 yet. So let me be the first :) Your addon is invaluable for very unique situations I occasionally find myself in (such as needing to directly download a file instead of Firefox previewing it). I would be bummed if I lost this useful little tweak. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. Hey guys, first, my apologies about the delay. I have been busy with other projects.

    The good news is that tonight I finally got around updating lget and if it gets approved, we should soon see the 3.6 compatible version in Mozilla’s add-ons website. I could post a link to the xpi that works right now but sometimes I get very useful information from Mozilla’s official reviews so I want to make sure a clean version is being used.

    I will post an announcement when it’s ready. Check back here or keep an eye-on for the addon update alert.


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