Rant on the complete disaster that is Ubuntu’s Unity

The countless complaints on this entry over at slashdot speak about the complete disaster that is Ubuntu’s Unity and to a lesser extend, the new Gnome 3. I recently had to upgrade my system’s video card and in order to use my new piece of hardware fully, I was forced to upgrade Ubuntu. After the upgrade I was “greeted” to what I consider one of the most frustrating usability experiences I have gone through. From the hidden running tasks list, to the hidden static launcher bar, to the idiotic way it places the application’s menu bar at the top of your screen, the new Ubuntu UI is a disaster. I shouldn’t have to guess or work extra hard just to switch to a different window. This is my desktop not a smartphone, stop trying to save screen space with tricks that are counter-productive in this context. I usually welcome change as long as there is a purpose. However, change for the sake of change while degrading the user experience is not welcomed!

Luckily there are still options and I was able to switch to Gnome 3. It is a big change from Gnome 2 and very far from perfect but so far it’s “acceptable”.

If Ubuntu continues down this road I will sadly need to start looking at alternatives. My desktop should not be getting on the way of me getting work done.

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