J. Carlos Navea

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  • Software development experience in a variety of industries
  • Education: BSc. Computer Science, Applied College Diploma
  • Proficient in Java, PHP, SQL, Linux, Android
  • Experienced OOP developer
  • Expert in web technologies
  • Bilingual (English/Spanish)

Career objectives

To continue working in the field of software development, form part of a dedicated and knowledgeable team where I can contribute my skills and continue learning. To continue exerting my passion for software development while learning new engineering practices and technologies to eventually reach a position of lead software architect or product manager.


Software Engineer

06/2017 – Present, Instagram (Facebook Inc.) (Menlo Park, California)

  • Android Software Engineer on Direct

Software Engineer

10/2014 – 06/2017, Facebook Inc. (Menlo Park, California)

  • Core Android Software Engineer on the Messenger team

Software Web/Mobile Developer/Architect

01/2003 – 10/2014, Commercial Group / NewSport Media Inc. (Toronto, ON)

  • Senior LAMP (Linux/MySQL/Apache/PHP) and mobile developer/architect involved in the design, development, and maintenance of custom software for the company’s many clients in a variety of industries (sports, retail, printing houses, building maintenance, wireless communications, etc) serving thousands of users. Key technical and security consultant for the company’s development teams and Linux admins.
  • Most recently as software architect, involved in the design of the “Retail-1® WebStore” ecommerce engine based on Magento. The system integrates with a proprietary POS system via SOAP web services. Along with traditional e-commerce features, the system provides real-time inventory, order fulfillment, shipment/billing integration, virtual gift cards, and in-store order history. These key features have saved clients such as and, thousands of man hours. Designed and guided the web store development team in the implementation of a web caching layer using Varnish resulting in front-end page load times being reduced by 1000%.
  • Developed a multithreaded Java service hosted on a web cluster to process and send e-mails for the company’s Symfony based CMS, hosting clients such as AHL, Canada Soccer, It processes hundreds of thousands of emails over 6x times faster than its predecessor.
  • Developed a proprietary registration module system and RESTful API, providing custom online registration services to the company’s CMS users. Implemented in PHP/Mojavi (Java Struts clone), Propel (Apache Torque clone), MySQL, while following recommended engineering practises, the code now forms the core of many similar projects within the company.
  • Developed an internal system integrated with Mantis bug-tracking system and the company’s billing software. Its fast UI (AJAX using jQuery) has resulted in dozens of billing man-hours in weekly savings.
  • As the technical lead of the company’s Android team (+100k PlayStore installs across all apps), worked along with the dev team to implement a bulk build and test system using gradle to reduce efforts on beta testing delivery process making the process 3000% faster.
  • Designed and helped maintain the’s and’s backend messaging API used by back-end servers to deliver push notification to mobile clients (Android GCM and iOS Apple Push Notification Service) of the sports stats engine developed by NewsportMedia.
  • Designed and implemented testing scenarios for system functional requirement validation. Designed and implemented the e-commerce development team’s functional testing suite using PHPUnit and Selenium projected to save hundreds of hours in manual testing.
  • Led early efforts towards upgrading the company’s best engineering practises such as standardized documentation across all development teams, standardized version control system, code review, coding standards, etc. Served as technical guide in the company’s work towards adhering to industry and government standards such as PCI-DSS, CASL, DMARC.

Programmer Analyst

05/2002 – 11/2002, Vennix Inc. (Toronto, ON)

  • Full-stack LAMP developer in charge of Vennix’s e-commerce application, which provided a monthly electronic journal for HR officers in the health service industry looking for HIPAA compliance.


09/2002 – 10/2002, (Toronto, ON)

  • Designed and implemented a C++ hook into Squid to act as the client control system the company used when providing free wireless access around the city.

Advanced C++ Programming Tutor & Marking Assistant

10/2001 – 12/2001, Seneca College of Applied Arts & Technologies (Toronto, ON)

  • Responsible for one-on-one help to students with programming assignments as well as review of course materials. Responsible for marking projects on web development courses.

Programmer Analyst

05/2001 – 10/2001, ITD Inc. (Toronto, ON)

  • Responsible for design and implementation of web systems created by ITD inc. using PHP code and MySQL databases.

Programmer Analyst

05/2000 – 06/2000, HRTS (Consultation Project for the U.N.) – York University (Toronto, ON)

  • Part of IT team responsible to query and implement statistical analysis on data collected by the U.N. High Commission for Human Rights. Developed C programs and Unix scripts to sort, analyze, and manage thousands of documents resulting in accelerating the data gathering period by 1 month.


BSc. in Computer Science

(09/2006 – 05/2009) Ryerson University (Toronto, Ontario)

  • Graduated with Honours
  • Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Science Dean’s list
  • Recipient of University In-Program Scholarship.
  • Golden Key International Honour Society member.
Selected courses:
  • Advanced Algorithms
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Operating System Theory
  • Information Retrieval & Search Engines
  • Software Engineering
  • Graph Theory
  • Calculus I,II
  • Discrete Mathematics I,II
  • Linear Algebra
  • Statistics & Probability

3 years – Computer Programming and Analysis Diploma

(09/1999 – 05/2002) Seneca College (Toronto, Ontario)

  • Graduated with Honours
  • Five times President’s List Award Recipient
  • Achieved 4.0 GPA in all technical courses and 3.9 GPA overall
  • Valedictorian Nomine
Specialized in:
  • Internet Specialist
  • Software Development
Selected Courses:
  • Unix Programming and Administration
  • Enterprise Java Beans
  • Java web development
  • Data Structures and Algorithms in C++
  • Systems Analysis (SDLC & Object Oriented using UML)
  • Business Communications

Technical skills

Programming/scripting/markup languages: Proficient: Java, PHP, SQL, bash, HTML, XML
Knowledgable: CSS, Javascript (jQuery)
Familiar: Python, C/C++, Perl, C#, XUL, CXML
Software Engineering: Waterfall, Iterative, Agile, OOP, UML, Design Patterns
Systems experience: Linux/Unix, Android, Windows, OS400
Application Software: CVS, SVN, git, Eclipse, MySQL, Gradle, dpkg build tools

Personal skills

  • Team Oriented
  • Self motivated
  • Good communication skills
  • Detail and goal oriented
  • Dedicated
  • Firm believer in constant learning


  • Android app developer
  • Open source & open standards advocate
  • Firefox extensions developer (XUL)
  • Computer graphic design
  • Technology industry observer
  • Marathon runner
  • Soccer player – 14 years
  • Codes for fun, zen and relaxation.
As an Android developer, during spare time developed a Java/C server-side component and Android app system to allow real-time event subscriptions on web traffic to a variety of clients (mobile, desktop, web) without the need to read web log files (i.e. from RAM). Unlike Google Analytics, this provides direct visibility into all traffic and not just JavaScript visible content. The Android app, provides an interface for web admins to design custom subscriptions to web traffic events they might be interested in (eg. specific web requests, security probes, traffic patterns, web content popularity, illegal linking, etc.) and deliver this information on these events in-real time (via Android’s GCM service) to the user.
Demo available upon request.

References: Available on request